Sustainability and Compliance

The Green Laundry

Every drop of water counts
The Green Laundry saves nearly 150 Million liters of water every year
Bangalore washing unit with a capacity of 4500 Denim Jeans and 2000 Trousers per day.
The new State of the Art washing unit at Chickballapur District has a capacity to wash 3,00,000 denim per month.
The New unit is being equipped with latest Laser Machines, Ozone and E-Soft Machines from Jeanologia

Litres of water saved
Equipment Capacity Per Day Per Month Per Year Million Litres
Thermic Fluid 8 Lakhs KCL/Hr48000012480001497600014.976
3 Stage RO 90% Recovery 20000 Litres/ Hr43200011232000134784000134.784
Total Water Saved per Year In Million Litres149.76

A 30,000 Sq ft laundry in Rural Chickballapur 8 Lakh KCl/Hr Thermic Fluid Boiler to Save Water Front Loading Washing Machines Well Developed Dry Process lines 1200 KLD Effluent Treatment Plant supported by

  • Biological Treatment
  • UltraFilters

3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Process 400 KLD

  • 1800 Grams Ozone treatment
  • Solar Drying beds

Online Monitoring for treated water
Use of Green Screen Chemical
Rain water Harvesting

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

The water from the washing machines and hydro-extractors goes through this extensive process of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) that helps to recover 92% of the water which is sent back to the washing machine for washing the next set. The remaining 8% of water is used in the restrooms in the flush tanks.

Re-use and Re-Cycle of waste

The sludge from the sludge tank is mechanically compressed at high pressure to extract the remaining water from the sludge thereby rendering highly compact cakes containing only the fabric fibres. These cakes are being sent to an agency that handles and manages the disposal of such wastes in proper manner as per environmental norms.

The cinder that is generated in the furnace by burning of briquettes is being used by farmers in the surrounding vicinity as manure for their crop

Rain water Harvesting

The entire rain water collected in the premises is channelized to one collection pit through a ducted drain line on all the sides.This harvested rain water us being used for gardening.

Health Care and Sanitation

We have provided sufficient neatly maintained restrooms for all the employees and staff.

Employee Safety

Giving workers health and safety prime importance, we have provided them with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like chemical mask, gloves etc. Emergency Exits with industrial emergency lights that are connected to an offline UPS are in place for safe and immediate evacuation. Smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire alarm call points, sprinklers, water hydrants and fire extinguishers have been installed across industrial campus.

Necessary accessories in the machinery such limit switch to control door openings during running of the machine, zero speed sensors, ozone sensors in the ozonator, obstruction sensors for lift operations, different sound alarms for different operations etc. have been provided to ensure occupational safety.

Women Empowerment

After completing EDP training program at AWAKE, the promoter realized a great need for empowerment of women. The garment sector provided a great opportunity to empower a large pool of women who were uneducated and lacked opportunity to earn a livelihood and support their families. About 90% of our workers are women.